Our charges are modeled on “Pay for Performance”.  Thus, we have ZERO sign-up fees, ZERO tenant placement fees; no upfront fees – you pay monthly and not annually.
We charge the following:

  • Monthly Management Fee: We charge a monthly management fee of 9% of rent, subject to a minimum fee. The minimum fee is dependent on the location of the property. This is charged only when the property is occupied.
  • One time Membership fee: This is a one time fee of 15 days rent charged from the 1st month’s rent of 1st tenant only. This is REFUNDABLE to you if the property is in our management for 5 years (50% refundable) to 10 years (100% refundable). This is waived if the property is already tenanted, or the tenant is found by the owner. The funds are used to cover our initial marketing expenses to expedite tenant placement.

Optional Value added services: In case you need any extra services such as furnishings, major maintenance works, legal documentation such as khata transfers, first time property tax payments, offline tax payments, etc can be done at separate cost depending on the work involved. For all major maintenance works, you get bills directly from our vendors, so the process is completely transparent. We charge a quality and coordination check fee of 10% of bill amount, to cover our overheads.
For more details, please contact our team. ​